VICH Public Conference 6

Cape Sun Hotel (Tsogo Sun):

Cape Town:

27 – 28 February 2019


The VICH meeting Conference event, entitled “Unlocking Africa’s Potential” will be convened from the 27 to 28th February 2019 at the Cape Sun Hotel (Tsogo Sun), located in Cape Town, South Africa.


The International Cooperation on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Veterinary Medicinal Products (VICH) is an international program to provide guidance on technical requirements for registration of veterinary medicines. VICH was established in 1996 as a means of collaboration primarily between the regulatory authorities and the animal health industry of the EU, Japan and the USA. The regulatory authorities and animal health industry of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa also participate actively as VICH observer members.  The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) participates as an associate member in the VICH process aiming at supporting and disseminating the outcomes at a worldwide level. The scope of the VICH program covers veterinary medicines, pharmaceuticals, biologicals (vaccines and other biological products) and medicated premixes.

The VICH 6 conference will provide an excellent platform for discussion of harmonisation practices, collaboration on global convergence and it will also facilitate discussion on opportunities and challenges faced by regulatory authorities and industry around the world and in Africa in particular. The Conference will welcome delegates from OIE member states.

Invitation to the VICH 6 Conference

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority and the National Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries are pleased to invite you to the magnificent city of Cape Town, to join us for the VICH 6 Public Conference. The open post VICH meeting Conference event, entitled “Unlocking Africa’s Potential” will be convened from the 27 to 28th February 2019 at the Cape Sun Hotel (Tsogo Sun), located in Cape Town, South Africa.

South Africa is honoured to be the selected venue for the VICH, VICH Outreach Forum and the OIE Member states, to participate in such a prestigious conference. The event will provide an excellent forum from which harmonised collaboration and recent cutting-edge technologies and science can be fostered. In addition, the event will allow us to pursue active discussion on opportunities and challenges faced by medicines regulators and the industry around the world and in Africa in particular.

We look forward to welcoming you in Cape Town, South Africa.



Unlocking Africa's Potential


Session 1: Official Opening:

Opening : Welcome : What is VICH, history and objectives : What does the OIE see as the benefits of the VICH to OIE members


Coffee Break


Session 2: Keynote Addresses

The contribution of VICH to the global One Health Approach – focus on Antimicrobial Resistance : What does an Outreach Forum member see as the benefits of VICH : Training benefits gained by Outreach Forum membersellus.




Session 3: Implementing VICH guidelines

VICH Members : VICH Observer : VICH Outreach Forum countries/regions - Possible regulatory obstacles and perspectives in adopting VICH guidelines in VICH Outreach Forum countries/regions and how to overcome them.


Session 4 : Voice of Industry

Stimulating Innovation : Regulatory Convergence : Animal Health Product availability and accessibility


Coffee Break


Session 5: Existing VICH Guidelines – hot topics

Registration of antimicrobial Veterinary Medicinal Products – VICH Guideline 27 : Waiver of Target Animal Batch Safety Test : VICH and the 3Rs


Session 6: New VICH Guidelines

Residue studies in aquatic species and honey : Climatic Zone III/VI Stability : Combination products


Coffee Break


Session 7:African regional activities

Regulatory Achievements in South Africa : The Zazibona work sharing experience in the SADC region : Pharmacovigilance - the East Africa electronic system of reporting : Panel discussion


Buffet Lunch


Session 8: Global Perspectives

Regulatory perspective on global trends in veterinary biologics : Why global regulatory convergence is important : Mapping global regulatory convergence – a key enabler : Q&A with Session speakers


Session 9: Finale

The expectations from an African VICH Outreach Forum member : VICH and veterinary medicines availability – improvement of global animal & human health : The Vision for the future




Welcome Cocktails