Health Requirements when visiting South Africa

There are no compulsory vaccination requirements for persons entering South Africa, except for those travellers over one year of age entering South Africa from yellow fever endemic regions or who have passed through such regions. Proof of vaccination will be required. Please refer to Annexure 1.

However, certain areas of the country are malaria regions. Malaria risk due predominantly to P. falciparum exists throughout the year in the low-altitude areas of Mpumalanga Province (including the Kruger National Park), Limpopo Province and north-eastern KwaZulu-Natal.

Risk is highest from October to May.

It is recommended that anyone planning to travel to a malaria area take prophylactics (such as atovaquone–proguanil or doxycycline or mefloquine chemoprophylaxis) before arrival and the necessary precautions (including mosquito bite prevention such as wearing protective clothing and use of insect repellents) while in the area.

For comprehensive general health information on travelling to South Africa, see:

It is strongly advised that participants take out appropriate health and travel insurance before travel and bring with them any medicines they take on a regular basis (together with a copy of their prescription).

Most ports of entry in South Africa have temperature screening for any condition that may cause a fever, such as viral hemorrhagic fevers and Zika virus disease.